About The Raven Lounge

Hey there, my name is Kelly, a mom with limited time on her hands. In addition to playing an active role in raising our kids, I’m also involved with running our home, part of which involves preparing a home-cooked meal for my dears ones every single night.

A tough task I know. But the question you should be asking is: how do I manage to do all this?

Simple, meal planning and planning ahead. Granted, I was able to work all this out on a humble, but with lots of practise and some little bit of research here and there. So I figured, why NOT try to plan for the meals I cooked for my family a week ahead; instead of waiting for each day to roll by before I can figure out what to include in the menu.

I’ll admit feeding kids is one hell of a tough gig. If your kids are anything like mine, then you don’t need to be reminded that you’re dealing with picky eaters. Or it could be that you want to stretch out your palette by trying out something entirely new at least once in a while.

As a working mom who’s strongly devoted to her family, I had to start by setting healthy mealtime boundaries, while focusing on raising happy, adventurous, and healthy eaters. I have always been passionate about good food, so I’ll admit it wasn’t much of a struggle for me figuring out how to healthfully and realistically feed my family. 

I’d learn about organization and planning. The skills that has proven to be really helpful to both me and the people I teach about how to prepare homemade meals for their families.

Being busy is NOT an excuse for forcing junk food and unhealthy snack and prepackaged meals on your kids. They might pretend to like it, but deep down as a knowledgeable parent, you know that’s the last path you want to take your kids.

we know you try really hard to wear the hats of a parent whenever your loved ones are up and around. We also understand that the last thing you want is to look back at your kids’ childhood with too many regrets. Your work is of great importance, but your family takes the center stage. They’re your priority and the best part is that it’s possible to strike balance between your work and how you attend to your children’s need.

All you have to do to achieve all this and so much more is sign up as one of the members of Kelly’s kitchen community, where you’ll be learning some important organizational skills, as we run you through a series of simple but nutritious recipes that you’ll be using to feed your family for a healthier and happy home that you’ve always dream of.

We get it — as a dedicated mom, it’s always been your wish to prepare a hearty meal for your family. Imagine sitting around a table, surrounded by member of your family as you serve them a home cooked meal you prepared. The old school way, you know.

Sadly for you, you do NOT have enough time to get into the kitchen and prepare you own food. Deep down you know how detrimental packaged snacks and eat-outs are to the overall health of your loved ones. You want your family to take break from it.

Perhaps you even tried Googling for some quick pointers and recommendations on how to go about it. Or you at some point tried investing in a cook book. But since time doesn’t seem to favor you, you opted for some quick recipes and meal plans, and that’s exactly where search engines came in handy.

But your frustrations crippled immediately after you opened one and you were presented with a a gazillion food blogs that left you overwhelmed, NOT knowing where to start.

Well, you’re NOT alone — if anything, no one has it easy as far as meal planning goes. You want to feel like you’re the mom in charge over what your family eats. You have everything in order, starting from grocery shopping all the way to food preparation and everything else.

Suffice it to say, no one understands your predicament more than me; because I have been in such a position at some point.

So let me cut through all the craziness and let me re-introduce myself officially.