Barracuda Garbage Disposal Reviews In 2019

The barracuda garbage disposals are made by Anaheim, which is a manufacturing company based in California. Anaheim is same company that makes the popular Waste King and Insinkerator disposals. Barracuda currently has four models in the market and they all range in price, sizes, warranty, and several features.

Barracuda Garbage Disposal Reviews In 2019

Having a good and quiet garbage disposal is crucial in any kitchen! Not only do we want a quiet garbage disposal, but we also want to have a garbage disposal that is not going to break the bank or take up too much of our sink storage space. Below we will further discuss the hype about the new Barracuda garbage disposals in the market.

The Mid Duty Barracuda garbage disposal is ideal for anyone who has a larger sink storage space. This model is one of the largest designs of the four, yet it is the most popular of them all. The competitive price and high-quality features make it worth every penny.

The Good (and Bad) about the Barracuda 1/2 HP Mid Duty

  • Comes with a removable Splash guard.
  • Very quiet thanks to the advanced insulated sound shell.
  • Both grinding system and turntable material made from stainless steel.
  • Draining issues have been reported due to the removable splash guard when you initially install.
  • One of the bigger models which means you can be losing valuable under the sink storage space.


The Barracuda Mid Duty design has a motor with 1/2 horsepower. It also offers a five year warranty and it has a continuous feeder. This model is by far one of the quietest garbage disposals in the market!

Why We Like it:

  • The power cord is already attached making the installation process easier.
  • Comes with an extensive 5 year warranty.
  • The insulated sound shell keeps the noise level down to a minimum whenever the garbage disposal is in use.

The Barracuda Economy model also comes with a 1/2 horsepower motor and a continuous feeder. It has a grinding system is made from cold rolled steel. While the turntable material is made from stainless steel.

The Good (and Bad) about the Barracuda 1/2 HP Economy

  • Compact size
  • Has a 2 year warranty
  • Power cord comes already attached for easier installation.
  • Several have reported that their unit has leaked and reinstalling it was a bit of a struggle.


The Barracuda 1/2 economy is ideal for anyone who has a smaller storage space under their sink. This model is one of the slimmer designs yet it still has powerful and quiet motor. The grind chamber and drain house are made from material to last a long time and that is free of corrosion.

Why We Like it:

  • Easy installation can be completed without having to hire a professional.
  • Power cord already attached saving you time when installing the garbage disposal.
  • The unit is very quiet when in use.

The builder model has a fast and powerful 1/3 horsepower motor great for getting rid of your everyday kitchen scraps. The noise insulation technology is a plus because compact units tend to be quite loud.

However, this unit has advanced technology allowing you to have a pleasant and quiet use every time. It is made from cold rolled steel and stainless steel to prevent corrosion after being in use for a long period of time.

The Good (and Bad) about the Barracuda 1/3 HP Builder

  • 1/3 horsepower motor
  • Has a continuous feeder.
  • Advanced technology to ensure your garbage disposal is not noisy whenever it is turned on.
  • Several units have been reported to drain slowly after installed.


Having the ADA and CEC certifications make the Danze Foodie model stand out from the rest. This design gives you a 360 reach of the sink. It is a very minimalist and modern design that is super comfortable to use because you can easily pull down the faucet whenever you need to rinse your dishes.

Why We Like it:

  • Works well and can easily be installed.
  • This kitchen faucet has a gorgeous modern design.
  • This model is ADA and CEC compliant.

Last on the list we have the deluxe model. Although this model is last on the list it does not mean it is flawed. In fact, the only reason it is last on the list is due to the higher cost and the larger design. All in all, it still has the top of the line fast motor and interior parts are made of stainless steel.

The Good (and Bad) about the Barracuda 3/4 HP Deluxe

  • Comes with the longest warranty of all the models offering up to 10 years of warranty.
  • Has an advanced insulated sound shell for a quiet experience.
  • Comes with a removable splash guard.
  • Most expensive of all 4 Barracuda garbage disposals.
  • It is a bulkier design taking up more storage space under the sink.


Although this model is a bit more expensive than the other models Barracuda has released, it offers the longest term warranty of all four of their garbage disposals. It also is made from stainless steel to ensure the longevity of your garbage disposal. Lastly, it also has a sound insulation feature to ensure a pleasant and quiet experience every time you use this unit.

Why We Like it:

  • Both the grinding system and the turntable material are made from stainless steel.
  • Has an extensive 10 year warranty.
  • High power, but super quiet model.

Barracuda Garbage Disposals 2019 - Buying Guide

  1. Barracuda 1/2 HP Mid Duty : The Barracuda 1/2 HP Mid Duty is a great fit for anyone who has a bit more of storage space under their sink since this is one of the larger designs that Barracuda has. This garbage disposal comes with a five year warranty and it is made from top of the line materials that are anti corrosion to ensure longevity of the unit.
  2. Barracuda 1/2 HP Economy: The economy model is extremely budget friendly for all the great features it offers. It has a 2 year warranty, and the installation is quite simple since the power cord is already preinstalled.
  3. Barracuda 1/3 HP Builder: The Barracuda 1/3 HP Builder is another compact design by this company. This garbage disposal offers a 2 year warranty and is made from durable corrosion free materials.
  4. Barracuda 3/4 HP Deluxe: Although this unit is not the cheapest of the four, it offers all of the great features the other models have. In fact it comes with a more powerful motor and it even comes with a ten year warranty.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! The top features and flaws of the Barracuda garbage disposals. The fact that Barracuda only has four models currently available in the market is no concern. In fact, all four are UL certified which means that have been made to meet safety and quality measures and they strive to make some of the best priced garbage disposals on the market.

Now all there is left to do is designate a budget aside for your next garbage disposal and determine which is a must have feature. Then simply purchase one of these high-quality garbage online. Remember each model offers a warranty, but each model varies in the length of the warranty.