Best Kitchen Faucets In 2019 Reviews (Top Picks + Buyer's Guide)

When it comes to picking the best kitchen faucets on the market the options are truly limitless. However, there are five brands that rank amongst the top selling worldwide. These most popular brands are Delta, Moen, Kohler, Pfister, and Kraus.

Below we will dive right in and help you decide what is the best way to find the perfect kitchen faucet for your home. Let’s take a close look at all the different features and factors that make a great kitchen faucet, not just a price tag.

Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet Product Delta Touch2O Kitchen Faucet
  • It has a flashing light that indicates the temperature of the water and the battery life.
  • This faucet automatically turns off after not being in used for 2 minutes to help save you money and lower your water usage.
  • Can be installed in 1 or 3 hole sinks.
Best Kitchen Faucet Product OUR #1 CHOICE Moen One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet
  • Offers a lifetime warranty and a 5-year warranty for all electronic parts.
  • They give the option to purchase the faucet without the sensors making it more affordable.
  • The 50% more power spray helps intensify your cleaning but also limits the splash back.
Best Commerical Style Kitchen Faucet Product Kraus Nola Kitchen Faucet
  • It rust free finish & lead free interior.
  • It comes with the Kraus Lifetime warranty.
  • It is made from strong metal to ensure the longevity of the kitchen Faucet.

How To Choose Top Kitchen Faucet - Like An Expert

Prior to deciding which kitchen faucet is the best fit for your kitchen you must ask yourself the following questions.

The First Question You Should Ask Yourself:

What type of kitchen faucet am I looking for?

There are three main types, which are pull down, touchless, and pull-out. Some of have 2 features in one.

 The difference between a pull out and pull down is pull outs are shorter and are mostly used for smaller kitchens and pull downs have a detachable spray head with a taller neck (most of the time).

The Second is:

Do you want cool features & technology in you’re kitchen faucet such Motion Sense or Touch 2O technology? 

We will definitely go more in-depth and list the pros and cons of each kitchen faucet below. Also there are may other features as well such as temperature displaying lights, spray modes, anti-corrosion, and fingerprint resistant finishes along with many other cool features.

I can't emphasize this enough:

You can easily decide based on a budget, but doing so you are missing out on some of the important and unique features that more expensive models have to offer. 

Think about how often do you buy kitchen faucet?

Probably not very often, so it’s best to invest in a higher quality model in order to save time & money down the road. This is experience talking and we learned the hard way! 

We’ve put together the absolute best kitchen faucets on the market, but to save you time we listed the best rated kitchen faucet in 2019? 

So what is the best rated kitchen faucet?

Without a doubt, it is safe to say that the number one kitchen faucet in the current market is the Moen Arbor Motion Sense Kitchen Faucet. It has won many people’s hearts due to the unique technology they offer. 

The main thing people love about this kitchen faucet is the flexibility to customize it to their needs and their budgets and NOT sacrificing quality!

As a matter of fact, you can purchase this kitchen faucet with one or two sensors. 

If having a touchless feature is not a necessity but you still do not want to miss out on the other neat features it offers then you can even purchase the standard version without the touchless technology. Obviously, the standard version is more affordable than the faucet with two sensors.

Another reason this faucet is the best in the market is because of the diversity of colors it offers. One can purchase this in four different tones that range in very traditional and particular colors for kitchen themes. Lastly, Moen is inclusive! They meet the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) specifications. This means the touchless features can truly help anyone with disabilities.

7 Best Kitchen Faucets In 2019 Reviews

Moen also stands as one of the top two brands on the market for kitchen faucets. It offers a faucet that has a spot resistant finish which makes cleaning it a lot easier. You do not need to use any heavy duty soaps to keep it looking sparkling clean and it the finish helps keep dirty fingerprints off the faucet.

The Good (and Bad) about the Moen Arbor

  • This faucet can be purchased with one or two touchless sensors or even without sensors altogether.
  • It comes with Moen’s lifetime warranty.
  • It can filter water and the filter can easily be cleaned off.
  • It has a long hose that allows you to easily access every inch of your sink.
  • Like Delta, this faucet also has a pricy price tag that can be a turn off for some but the owners of this faucet think it’s worth every penny!


The Moen Arbor Motionsense faucet also has the pull-down feature. It requires a quick installation that could even be can purchase on Amazon for a professional to complete. It can be purchased in three different modes – the standard, 1 sensor, or 2 sensor faucet.

As a matter of fact, the Moen faucets that carry this technology can be purchased with one or up to two sensors. One sensor can be found on the top of the high arc and the other the bottom of the arm.

The Moen 7594ESRS Arbor kitchen faucet is considered the best touchless kitchen faucet currently on the market. The Motion Sense technology is like no other on the market. 

Why We Like it:

  • The 50% more power spray helps intensify your cleaning but also limits the splash back.
  • They give the option to purchase the faucet without the sensors making it more affordable.
  • Can be installed through 1 or 3 holes.
  • Also offers a lifetime warranty and a 5-year warranty for all electronic parts.

Delta is highly ranked on our list because of all the wonderful and unique features it offers. It has a magnetic dock which allows you easily secure your pull down faucet. This faucet is available in four different colors making it a lot easier to match your kitchen theme. Keep in mind that each color may range in price.

The Good (and Bad) about the Delta Touch20

  • Comes with Touch 2O technology.
  • Has a modern design with high arc.
  • It has a light that indicates the water temperature and battery life.
  • Can be installed in 1 or 3 hole sinks.
  • The most common dislike about this faucet is that is a bit of an investment since it has a pricey price tag, but will last you a lifetime.


The Delta Leland 9178T has been considered by many the best kitchen faucet to purchase in 2019. It is a top rated kitchen faucet because it offers many advanced technology features like the shield spray technology. It offers 2 different sprayer settings with 90% less splash back to ensure that your clothes stay dry whenever you are washing your dishes.

The Delta Touch2O Kitchen Faucet is available in 4 different stainless colors in order to match your kitchen’s theme. It can be purchased online with the proper installation. 

The faucet has a blue and red light to indicate the temperature of the water. This faucet also offers the pulldown feature allowing you to reach every inch of your sink.

Why We Like it:

  • It offers advanced technology like the Shield Spray, and Touch 2O.
  • It has a flashing light that indicates the temperature of the water and the battery life.
  • This faucet automatically turns off after not being in used for 2 minutes to help save you money and lower your water usage.

Since the Kraus Kraus KPF-1650SS Nola kitchen faucet has such a flexible design it is considered the best commercial style faucet currently in the market. As a matter of fact, it can be purchased for a very reasonable price compared to other commercial styles currently in the market. This commercial style faucet gives you an easy and flexible 360 reach over your kitchen sink..

The Good (and Bad) about the Kraus

  • It has a lead free interior.
  • This faucet has a dual ceramic cartridge.
  • It has a corrosion and rust free finish.
  • It has an affordable price point compared to most commercial design faucets in the market.
  • Takes more time to clean the faucet since it has a spring.


The Kraus KPF-1650SS Nola kitchen faucet is available in two very classical shades. This commercial style design has a spring down faucet that was made to endure heavy duty usage.  Although it is made from sturdy materials it is still quite flexible to use, unlike other commercial style faucets.

This Stainless steel faucet offers two different spray settings and allows you full access to your sink. It is a lead-free faucet that has a very tall spring down faucet allowing you to reach every inch of your sink.

Why We Like it:

  • The commercial style design is to die for! Making it perfect fit for any kitchen.
  • It comes with the Kraus Lifetime warranty.
  • It is made from strong metal to ensure the longevity of the kitchen Faucet.

Moen once again does a fantastic job at designing a kitchen faucet that is unlike the rest in the market. Many have considered this faucet to be the best pull out kitchen faucet of 2019!

The hose automatically retracts after you are done using it and has a secure docking system to ensure that it does not fall down on your plates after being used over time. This faucet also has the power clean technology that allows you to spray your dirtiest dishes with 50% more pressure than other kitchen faucets.

The Good (and Bad) about the WeWe

  • This Moen faucet is available in 4 diverse shades.
  • It is compliant with ADA regulations.
  • It comes with the Moen Lifetime Warranty.
  • This faucet has a spot resistant finish to help you keep the faucet looking brand new for many years to come.
  • Several owners of this faucet had said that it was quite pricey for the material of the faucet.
  • Others have said they have had problems with this faucet leaking.


The Moen 7294SRS Arbor is identical to the Moen Arbor with Motion Sense (7594ESRS). However, this faucet has a shorter design and is a lovely and luxurious design for smaller kitchens. 

This faucet is also different than the Motion Sense design since it does not come with the touchless sensors. Everyone seems to love this kitchen faucet because it can easily be installed in less than 30 minutes.

Why We Like it:

  • The installation of this smaller faucet is quite simple.
  • Although it has a small arc, it still offers the pull down technology to allow you to reach every inch of your sink without a problem.
  • It comes in a large color range making it a lot easier to match with any kitchen theme you may have in mind.

The WeWe Single handle faucet can easily be installed. Yet you could always request for a professional to take a look and install it for you. This pretty classical tall and sleek design can undoubtedly match your current kitchen.

The Good (and Bad) about the WeWe

  • Three anti-splattering spray modes
  • Tall and sleek arc design allows access to the sink in 360 degrees
  • Easy 30-minute installation
  • Only comes in one color


Classical faucet comes in three different spray settings to use when cleaning different dishes. This faucet has a special pause feature that helps you prevent splash back.

Why We Like it:

  • The tall tulip design allows you to reach all angels of your sink.
  • Rust resistant

This traditional old fashion kitchen faucet has been considered the best classical double faucet set in the market. The classic design will ensure that you will never get your hands burnt by hot water since it has a specific handle for hot and cold water. The best thing about this faucet is that it has a traditional design but it still offers modern technology.

The Good (and Bad) about the WeWe

  • Although this faucet does not have the pull down feature, it has a side sprayer.
  • It has a high and long arc that helps make your sink look a lot bigger and it gives you 360 access to your sink.
  • It is made from a sturdy metal material.
  • The side sprayer has a long hose - 48 inches.
  • A lot of leak cases have been reported by previous owners.
  • To install this faucet you will need a four hole sink.


The Delta Windemere Kitchen Faucet is a great way to have an old fashioned kitchen faucet without missing out on the modern technology. The main reason this kitchen faucet is so practical is because Delta made sure to fix everything that was wrong or missing from such traditional faucets.

Delta was smart to make sure that it had a high arc and a side spray so that having to worry about not having access to your kitchen sink becomes a thing of the past.

Why We Like it:

  • This faucet is available in 3 different tones.
  • The price point is a total bargain for the features you are getting.
  • It is a modern yet traditional design.

This goose neck kitchen faucet is loved by many because it is a very elegant and modern design. It has some of the most advanced technologies in the market and can be purchased in three different colors. One of these features is the DockNetic feature which is a magnetic dock that helps keep the hose safely locked in place.

The Good (and Bad) about the Aimadi

  • This faucet has a magnetic docking system.
  • You can easily clean to mineral build up with a little bit of soap and your bare hands.
  • This Kohler faucet has 3 different spray settings.
  • Comes with a lifetime limited warranty offered directly by Kohler.
  • Some have found the installation of this faucet to be too challenging.
  • The pull out hose has been reported to leak or break. As a matter of fact, Kohler has posted a video on their website showing how to fix this problem.


The KOHLER K-596-VS Simplice faucet can be installed in a one or three hole sink. It has three different sprayer settings. One of the sprayer settings increases the water flow up to 30% more than the other settings. The spray head has the Master Clean technology that collects the mineral build up. It can easily be cleaned off with a little bit of soap on your hands in just a couple seconds.

Why We Like it:

  • This faucet is loved by many because it is made from durable materials and it has ceramic disc valves.
  • It offers a Kohler lifetime warranty.
  • It can be purchased in three different colors and all have an anti corrosion finish on top to ensure the longevity of your kitchen faucet.

Multi-purpose faucet made from durable brass and can easily be installed.

The Good (and Bad) about the Aimadi

  • Two different colors
  • Spring handle
  • Two stem ways
  • Pot filler is short


Spring pull-out faucet made from durable lead-free brass. It has a tall and modern design.

Why We Like it:

  • Lead-free
  • Leak-free

What To Look For When Purchasing High End Kitchen Faucets


Not everyone is crazy about having a perfectly designed kitchen where everything matches to a T. However, if you are like us and aesthetically pleasing environments fill you with happiness then you should definitely look into Delta and Moen designs!

Moen and Delta are top dogs in the market for many reasons; one of the top reasons being that they offer a large shade range and design option for their kitchen faucets.

Cool Features/Technology

The top dogs in the kitchen faucet market are Moen and Delta because they are constantly implementing and releasing technology that truly changes your experience with kitchen faucets. Each brand has its different versions of touchless features that are well-known all around the market – Moen has the Motion Sense and Delta has the Touch 2O technology.


While most new faucets include easy to install instructions, prior to purchasing many often forget to consider how many holes your sink mount currently has. Most faucets are made to be installed in 1 to 3 hole sinks.

However, other traditional faucets can require up to 4 holes. If your kitchen sink does not have all the holes you need for installation do not be alarmed because you can easily drill in some new holes to the countertop it may just require more time during your installation process.

Pick Quality Suppliers

Sometimes we can easily be fooled by an appealing price tag and we forget to look at the success rate of a company. Many local plumbers recommend that if you are buying a kitchen faucet that is much cheaper than what it will cost you for a plumber to come and install it then you are probably purchasing a product that is not expected to last a long time.

 Also the amount of water wasted, so in the long run it could save you lots of money to invest in a quality kitchen faucet. Check here in order to see how much water you actually waste.

We always advise to make sure to research the company you chose and the warranties they offer this may save you tons of headache and water damage in the long run.

Most Reliable Kitchen Faucet Brands (You Should Pick In 2019)


Delta has been in a constant tie for first place with Moen for many years. 

As a matter of fact, the last couple of years Delta has won over the hearts of consumers due to their outstanding customer service. 

Apart from that, they also offer a large selection when it comes to models, colors, and technology. Delta has been in the market since 1954. 

Currently, they have released over 40 different designs of some of the best rated kitchen faucets on the market and they range in 10 different colors.

 Delta also like Moen is also loved by many due to the advanced technology features. Some of those features are the Touch2O, MagnaTite, SpotShield, and Diamond Seal technology. 

The Touch2o feature can be found with their top kitchen faucets. It is the touchless features that they offer.

 The MagnaTite is the magnetic docking system that helps hold you’re your kitchen faucet in place safely after it has been pulled out. 

The SpotShield technology is a finish that their kitchen faucets have to help keep your faucet sparkling clean. It even helps you easily clean the faucet and keeps fingerprints off. 

Lastly, The Diamond Seal technology is a feature that helps prevent internal leaking. All in all, Delta offers diversity, modern features and designs, and a limited lifetime warranty that is free of charge to its kitchen faucet owners. If you are in the market for the Delta brand only then check out a list of Delta touch faucet reviews here.


Moen is known as the number one company in the United States. They strive in the market because they release luxurious designs with fully equipped advanced technology. 

Although their price point is not the most budget friendly you truly are paying for what you are getting and we have not met anyone who ever regrets getting a Moen kitchen faucet. 

Moen’s creator was an educated engineer that got the crazy idea to create a single handle faucet after he burned his hands with a traditional two handle faucet back in the 1930s. Moen was founded in 1956. 

This innovative company takes pride in their advanced technology and always release the top of the line features with their faucets. Some of the technology features that are well known by Moen are the Motion Sense technology and the Reflex technology. 

The Motion Sense is its touchless sensors that can be customizable for each faucet. Most normally invest in the two sensor faucets because of how much they like this feature. 

While the Reflex technology is an automatically retracting hose that takes in place when you pull out the kitchen faucet. 

Moen offers normal customer service. They care about their customers and have created step by step instruction packs to help save you tons of money with the installation process. Lastly, Moen offers its Limited Lifetime Warranty with their kitchen faucets.


Kohler’s history goes way back to 1873. They are an innovative brand that offers advanced technology and water saving features. 

They first released their lower water consumption brand back in 1974. Another reason Kohler is so popular is because of their spectacular customer service and diversity. 

Their faucets range in up to 12 different colors and various models. Without a doubt you can see they have been in the market for years and clearly have experience in what they are doing. 

While they offer diversity their customers do not expect luxurious technology. Instead, they have high standers for the quality of the kitchen faucets. 

Some of the most loved features Kohler offers are the Sweep spray and DockNetik. The Sweep spray is strong pressured water to help speed up the process of cleaning your dirty sink and dishes. While the DockNetik feature is a magnetic dock to help secure the pull down kitchen faucet.


Another popular brand that is often recommended by plumbers but overlooked by consumers is Pfister. 

Pfister has been a popular choice amongst plumbers since 1910! 

Consumers tend to disregard this brand for kitchen faucets because they primarily make bathroom faucets. 

However, Pfister focuses less on the luxury and advanced technology features and more on making affordable top rated kitchen faucets. 

Pfister offers two useful features which are the Accudock and the Xtract technology. 

The Accudock is a magnetic dock that secures the spray head after it has been pulled out to be used. 

While the Xtract is an integrated filtration feature that the kitchen faucet has. 

Pfister is more known amongst consumers for how useful and practical their faucets are. But most importantly how accessible and budget friendly they are priced at. Check out more Pfister faucet reviews for more info.


We could not conclude the list of top brands without Kraus. Although they currently are not extremely recognized in brick and mortar stores, they have been taking off online on Amazon and customers seem to love them. 

People have been raving about these faucets due to their sturdy built and practicality. 

Like Pfister, Kraus also targets to provide lower price tags without sacrificing the quality of the products. 

Regardless of the low price point, they are still using fully metallic interiors to ensure the longevity of their kitchen faucets. Kraus makes different types of modern, traditional, and commercial style faucets. 

They also offer over 5 different finishing colors. Their diversity truly is hard to find amongst other low cost brands. Like any other popular brand, they too offer a limited lifetime warranty for their kitchen faucets. Kraus was founded in 2007!

Water Stone

If you are a true supporter of kitchen faucets that are made only in the United States then Water Stone is the brand for you! 

Water Stone kitchen faucets are hand made in California. 

They provide one of a kind designs that cannot be found anywhere else. Water Stone has been in the market since 1999 and they excel in making diverse models that will make your kitchen look much different than your neighbors! 

Water Stone is a company that within a couple of years you will hear and see if all over the place because their designs are truly original, functional, and absolutely beautiful.

Glazier Bay

Did you know that Home Depot has a house brand for kitchen faucets? The Glacier Bay is just that! 

These faucets are loved by many because of their extremely fast installation process. 

Home Depot states that their faucets can be installed in 5 minutes! 

The main reason that the Glacier Bay faucets are popular is their price point. Although they provide a lower price point they still are made with ceramic disk and have a handful of different finishing colors. 

These faucets have a modern design and a single handle for hot and cold water. 

Another perk of this awesome up and coming brand is that all of their kitchen faucets even include the deck plate! 

As a matter of fact, you can have a perfectly matching kitchen because you can purchase a soap dispenser for an additional cost that can match your kitchen faucet perfectly.

 Lastly, Glacier Bay includes their limited lifetime warranty for all its models of kitchen faucets.


Grohe has designed both single and double handled kitchen faucets. They include multiple designs that are all very sleek and elegant. 

Grohe faucets also come with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Grohe’s history dates back to 1911. This German brand excels in making kitchen faucets, smartphones, filtration systems, and bathroom faucets and showers.

Grohe faucets can be purchased directly online on their website, on Amazon, or even in brick and mortar stores like Home Depot. 

The best thing about Grohe is their LARGE price range. You can find a couple of budget friendly designs but you can also find very luxurious designs that will be more of a steep investment. 

Their faucets also range in models from traditional to very modern designs. Most of the color finishes that Grohe offers are quite traditional silver colors that most have in their kitchen which will make it quite easy to match to your kitchen appliances.


The Hansgrohe kitchen faucets have a very futuristic look. The modern look is not too far from the traditional faucets; however, they have a special touch to them that just by looking at them you can easily see that they were created by Hansgrohe. 

As a matter of fact, they have won several awards for their designs. 

Hansgrohe did not begin by making kitchen designs. This company dates back to 1901 and began by designing bathroom faucets. Their experience and success have expanded over the years and they now also make these unique faucets. 

This German brand excels in trying to make innovative designs that will help you reduce the amount of water consumption in your home. Hansgrohe also has a limited lifetime warranty for all their kitchen faucets.


Brizo is the perfect way to bring both elegance and eco-friendly into your kitchen. 

This luxurious brand is always innovating a new way to make modern to die for designs for both your bathroom and kitchen. 

Many love Brizo because they not only care about their customers, but they truly care about giving back. 

They have made a point to make a difference to St. Jude Children Hospital in Tennessee and have donated over $4 million in Brizo products. 

Brizo currently has over 9 different styles of kitchen faucets that are available in 5 different shades. Brizo is the high fashion kitchen faucets of the market. They like to tie in fashion and culinary into one while making a difference in the world. It is safe to say that owning a Brizo faucet is a necessity for anyone who loves an aesthetically pleasing kitchen. Many do not know but Brizo is partnered with Delta Faucet companies. 

In 2015 they won a sustainability award for making a faucet with Water Sense technology. This means that their faucets with this feature use only a fraction of water than a regular faucet would.


Vigo is a growing company that we expect to see higher up in the list in the near feature. This innovative company is based in the United States. 

The Vigo company has decided to make their kitchen faucets and deck plates in the same factory location to ensure that they are a perfect match for your dream kitchen! 

Vigo strives to provide the best customer service possible to its clients. In fact, they have hired all professional customer service agents that are trained well and very knowledgeable about all their products. This is important because as a client if you ever call in they are able to help answer even the smallest questions you may have about your kitchen faucet. 

Vigo has categorized themselves to make luxurious kitchen faucets but can cost a fraction of what a similar model would cost you from another brand. Their kitchen faucets come with a limited lifetime warranty like any other popular brand. Vigo offers both pull out & pull down faucets. Currently, Vigo offers one of the best pull down kitchen faucet that you can buy if your on a budget.


Danze is an international brand that ranks high everywhere you look due to the durability of their products. 

They provide full metallic kitchen faucets making them one of the longest lasting faucets currently on the market. Danze makes traditional two handled faucets, modern single handle faucets, commercial style faucets, and even pot fillers. 

Their product range is quite broad and you can easily find multiple color ranges per each faucet. Although their price is a bit steep for some of the products you can for sure be guaranteed that the faucet will need very little maintenance and the installation process is a total breeze. 

Danze also includes a limited lifetime warranty for their kitchen faucets and up to 5 years of warranty for electronical parts of the faucets that come with advanced technology features.


What Is The Best Way To Keep My Kitchen Faucet Clean?

The first response many get when questioning how to keep your kitchen faucet clean is always getting touchless sensors. Both Moen and Delta offer magnificent advanced technology with different types of sensors (check out our guide on Moen vs Delta) . Not having to touch your faucet with dirty hands when cooking will already cut the cleaning time in half.

Another recommendation when looking up how to keep your top kitchen faucet clean is look for best rated kitchen faucets that come with a spot resistant finish. This technology helps to keep water spots off your faucet. Most also come with an additional perk that helps to even keep fingerprints off. These features will speed up your cleaning process drastically and will ensure that your faucet is looking sparkling clean at all times.

Keep in mind to do your research before cleaning your faucet with any hard cleaning detergents. As a matter of fact, some detergents could ruin spot resistant finishes or fade the color of your faucet. Prior to pulling out strong chemicals read your manual! Most brands will recommend you to simply wipe or rinse away the dirt. Doing a little research for your specific kitchen faucet may save you a headache later.

How Long Can I expect My Kitchen Faucet to Last?

Choosing a trustworthy brand will truly determine how long your kitchen faucet may last. This is an ambiguous question that can vary from brand to brand. 

Although the price is not always related to the durability of a product, it does not hurt to research a product and the company prior to purchasing it. First thing first, read the reviews! People are brutally honest when they love and hate products. The other thing you should consider is if a brand offers a lifetime warranty.

If a brand makes a low quality product they are most likely not going to offer a lifetime warranty because it will cost them more in the long run. That is why if you see the top dogs in the market they offer extensive and more complete warranties than a faucet that may only cost you half the price.

Some price points may be a bit of an investment, but when it comes to durability we always advise you to go for a well recognized brand to keep your mind at ease. Another tip to ensure the durability of your kitchen faucet is to follow their instructions. Read the owner’s manual prior to using the faucet.

This guide can give you little facts that will help expand the longevity of the product and some may even disclose features you did not even know the kitchen faucet came with!

What is The Difference Between a Pull-Down and a Pull-out Kitchen Faucet?

This is a great and very common question! The pull down kitchen faucets literally mean that you can simply pull down the head of the faucet. Some of the pull down features can normally be found on commercial style designs that have a spring. Most pull down faucets normally have a smaller sized sprayer head which lowers the possibility of getting splashed.

On the other hand, the pull out kitchen faucets need to be pulled out of the mounted deck. They look more like traditional faucets and the modern ones have a high arc goose neck look. Most tend to prefer the pull out feature because they have longer hoses.

The pull out kitchen faucets can even be used to fill pots or water plants near the sink. We personally love them because we can use the power spray features to get all the junk off the sink without a problem!

Normally the price is not affected by the type of faucet it is. Brands make both for convenience and diversity for the consumer. The best way to pick between the two is by looking at what necessities you have in the kitchen and which model would be easier for you to use and more practical.

How Many Holes Will I need in my Counter to Mount a Kitchen Faucet?

Each kitchen faucet varies when it comes to installation. The most common type that you will find are faucets that can easily be installed with one hole or three hole sinks. However, you may also come across other faucets that will even need a 4 hole sink.

The faucets that normally require a 4 hole sink are more traditional styled faucets that have two handles. Or other faucets that have a side sprayer and soap dispenser included. If it is your first time installing a faucet this is something that is often not taken into consideration.

We always advise everyone to look at kitchen faucets that are compatible with the current holes in your sink. If you fall in love with a kitchen faucet design that requires four holes or accidentally purchased one without knowing how many holes you had available do not panic! A drill can easily be used to open up another hole and get your dream kitchen faucet installed.

What is a Center-set Faucet?

A Center set kitchen faucet is more of an old fashioned design. These faucets are normally for the designs that have a very traditional two handle design.

Does My Kitchen Faucet Require A Decorative Plate?

Many do not know that a decorative plate is not absolutely necessary. In fact, decorative plates main purpose is to cover up any additional holes your sink may have that may not be used when installing a new faucet.

If you do not want to install a decorative plate but want to cover up the holes you can try to purchase a soap dispenser. Most companies offer these for an additional cost. Soap dispensers will help save you sink space and will make your kitchen look more uniformed and spacious. Decorative plates are also called escutcheon. Look at what is included with your kitchen faucet because some may even include it with your kitchen faucet.

What is a Ceramic Disk and is it Worth the Additional Cost?

A ceramic disk has various names. It can be listed as a ceramic cartridge or ceramic valve. What is the purpose of these disks you may be asking yourself? The ceramic disks are made specifically to limit the possibility of an internal leak. We highly recommend making the additional investment and purchase faucets that offer this feature.

While it may seem like an additional cost that is quite useless, it may actually save you tons of time, headaches, money, and water damage due to leakage in the long run!

Kitchen Faucet Reviews - Conclusion

There you have it the best kitchen faucets in 2019. But the top priority is to ensure you obtain a stainless steel and leak-free faucet. 

So ask yourself, which feature is a necessity for your kitchen. For example, like picking the best garbage disposal for your kitchen faucet & the best kitchen sinks. Start searching for the dream faucet that will make washing dishes a bit more enjoyable. For more in-depth review visit the homepage.