Grohe Faucets Reviews (The Good & Bad) In 2019

Faucets with one handle can either break it or make it. Some faucets make it really difficult to reach the perfect lukewarm temperature if they have a handle that is too jumpy or stiff. 

Thankfully Grohe’s kitchen faucets come with advanced technology to ensure you can easily reach the perfect temperature to wash your dishes and vegetables in the kitchen. Apart from this wonderful feature Grohe has a lot of other game changer features at its disposition. Let’s dive right on in and see what the hype is all about!

Why Grohe Kitchen Faucets?

Grohe is a German brand that dates back to 1911. They originally began making bathroom faucets but have dedicated their knowledgeable German engineer and have expanded to making award-winning kitchen faucets. 

Their kitchen faucets are very sleek and elegant. They also come with a limited lifetime warranty. This German brand excels in making kitchen faucets, smartphones, filtration systems, and bathroom faucets and showers.

How Good are the Warranties on a Grohe Kitchen Faucet?

Grohe offers a limited lifetime warranty with all of its kitchen faucets. With that being said you can rest assured that if you have any problems with faulty faucets you can easily get a replacement part if needed. 

The claim process is quite simple and can all be done online on the Grohe website directly. Grohe is located in Germany so receiving the parts may take a bit longer than other brands since it is coming from outside of the United States.

Grohe Faucets Reviews Reviews in 2019

The Grohe Concetto is a dreamy modern kitchen faucet design. The slim look of the kitchen faucet will enhance the elegance of your kitchen. This faucet is available in two very traditional colors for a reasonable low to medium price point.

The Good (and Bad) about the Grohe Concetto

  • This kitchen faucet can be easily be installed in a 1 hole sink.
  • This elegant and slim kitchen faucet model Is available in two very traditional colors.
  • The faucet has a modern and slim design and it even has a pull down sprayer.
  • Some have reported that they have had poor water pressure after installing this faucet.
  • Others have mentioned that their sprayer button can sometimes get stuck.
  • Grohe has stopped making the parts for this faucet making it tough when it comes to dealing with a claim with the warranty.


This faucet comes with modern technology features called SilkMove and SpeedClean. The SilkMove is a special feature installed to the lever of the faucet and it allows you to control the water temperature more easily. The SpeedClean technology is a feature to ensure that your faucet is free of lime. If lime build-up occurs it can easily be cleaned with by simply swiping your fingertip on the faucet.

Why We Like it:

  • Grohe excels in making kitchen faucets with an all brass body.
  • This model has advanced technology features like the SilkMove and SpeedClean technology.
  • Many love how slim this model is and that it comes with a pull down sprayer.

This futuristic looking kitchen faucet has a very particular and fashionable looking design. This faucet is available in two different colors that can easily match any existing kitchen theme. Customers truly love the funky looking design because it helps modernize their kitchen sink.

The Good (and Bad) about the Grohe Ladylux Plus

  • This faucet is available in two different colors.
  • The Ladylux comes with advanced technology features – SilkMove and SpeedClean.
  • It is made from stainless steel.
  • Many have complained that this faucet is fairly pricey compared to similar faucets currently in the market.
  • Some previous owners have had to replace the sprayer line or sprayer head. Luckily they were covered by the Grohe lifetime warranty.


The Grohe Ladylux Plus Kitchen faucet has been made to exceed customer expectations. Grohe has outdone themselves and made sure that everything about this faucet was user-friendly. The installation and cleaning processes are a total breeze and the pull-out faucet gives you a full 360 access of all your sink.

Why We Like it:

  • This faucet has a scratch resistant finish to ensure that you can enjoy a sparkling looking faucet for many years to come.
  • This trendy looking kitchen faucet comes with the Grohe easy installation system.
  • It gives you full control of the water pressure since it has different spray settings.

The Grohe K7 shares a lot of the same features as the Grohe Concetto; however, the K7 is the commercial style faucet. Both faucets share almost the same technologic features but simply vary in the design and the look. The K7 has the popular modern spring pull-down design.

The Good (and Bad) about the Grohe K7

  • This faucet has been reported to take less than 10 minutes to install and no prior experience is needed to complete the installation process.
  • You can easily control the water temperature from one handle.
  • The K7 comes with advanced technology features like the SilkMove, SpeedClean technology, and Starlight finish.
  • This faucet may be a little tougher to clean since it has a spring.
  • This faucet may be considered one of the highest priced commercial style faucets, but those who own it would not trade it for any other faucet in the market.
  • Some clients have reported that the different sprayer settings may get stuck after being used for a long time.


Overall, we have found that customers have had nothing but great things to say about this faucet! This commercial style kitchen faucet is available in two different colors. 

Customers also love that they have the ability to pick different heights of the faucet. This allows those looking for a more compact faucet to have the option to even purchase a commercial style faucet.

Why We Like it:

  • This commercial design is an ideal faucet for anyone who loves to be a chef at home.
  • This faucet gives you 140 degree access to your sink.
  • It is covered by the Grohe limited lifetime warranty.

This Grohe faucet is so easy to use that even a child can use it without burning their hands. This single handle kitchen faucet is available in two different colors, but keep in mind that the price may vary based on the color of your choice.

The Good (and Bad) about the Grohe Eurodisc

  • This faucet is available in two very traditional kitchen colors.
  • It is made from flexible and durable materials to ensure it last a long time.
  • The Eurodisc faucet allows you to have two different spray settings at a simple click of a button.
  • Some previous owners have reported to having leaking problems with their ceramic cartridges.
  • Although Grohe has had exceptional customer service when it comes to all their other faucets, they have received a lot of complaints about customer service problems for only this model.


If there is one thing we all hate cleaning is the kitchen! It is the one room of the home that always seems to be dirty. Grohe has made a dream faucet that has advanced technology features to ensure that scratched and lime are a thing of the past on your kitchen faucet. Their new technology allows you to quickly clean the faucet with something as simple as your fingertips and some soap.

Why We Like it:

  • This traditional looking kitchen faucet is also compact making it very easy to fit with any sink.
  • Installation takes only a couple of minutes thanks to the Grohe easy installation system.
  • It is also made from a solid brass body and carries all the popular Grohe advanced technology features.

Grohe Faucets Review Recap

  1. Grohe Concetto 32665001: a. The Grohe Concetto is the perfect way to add a sense of elegance to your kitchen sink. You may purchase a matching soap dispenser and decorative plate for an additional cost. This one of a kind faucet has a full brass body and it comes with both the SilkMove and SpeedClean technology.
  2. Grohe 33 759 SD0 Ladylux Plus: he Grohe Ladylux Plus brings a diverse and modern look to your kitchen sink. This faucet can easily be installed in a one hole sink. It is covered by the Grohe limited lifetime warranty. If any parts need to be replaced you can do it all online without having to fill out any lengthy paperwork. This faucet is available in two different colors.
  3. Grohe 31380000 K7: a. The Grohe K7 is almost an exact design of the Grohe Concetto. However, this faucet has a radiant and elegant design that is unlike any other in the market. This faucet also comes with the Starlight finish that ensures your faucet is scratch free for many years to come. Although this faucet is a commercial style, it actually offers the client two different versions when it comes to the height of the faucet.
  4. Grohe 33 330 DC1 Eurodisc: a. The Grohe Eurodisc is an ergonomic kitchen faucet that has a very traditional look but still offers the cool modern technology. This faucet is also made from a full brass body and it is covered by the Grohe lifetime warranty. This faucet can easily be pulled out to get a better reach of your sink or even to add extra water pressure on your dirty dishes.

Final Thoughts on Grohe Faucets

There you have it! Above you may find the top 4 performing Grohe kitchen faucets. Grohe is a popular German brand that is respected worldwide. Their German engineers have outdone themselves to ensure that their customers have an easy time installing and using their faucets. Grohe also makes sure to take care of their customers with their limited lifetime warranty. Their customer service goes above and beyond to ensure that if any claim is made, the process is quick and stress free. Interested in more related articles? Check out more info on how to choose a kitchen faucet