How To Caulk a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink - EASY Way (Step by Step)

how to caulk a stainless steel kitchen sink

Granite countertops are the most popular type of countertops for a nice modern looking kitchen . These countertops are not only gorgeous but are durable and extremely easy to clean. Usually, we love to partner up our granite countertops with a shiny stainless steel kitchen sink. These kitchen sinks need to be installed with caulk to ensure that water does not get under your kitchen sink.

What You'll Need:

  • Rubbing Alcohol (the "Swan" brand is the best one to use. You can get it here.)
  • Caulking Gun
  • Rag
  • A Little TLC (tender loving care)

How To Caulk a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink - (In 5 Easy Steps)

Step 1 - Prep the Granite Countertop

First, make sure to clean off the granite countertop. Rubbing alcohol makes a great way to disinfect and clean caulk residue off from the granite countertop. If you previously had another kitchen sink that required caulk, then it is very important to scrape off the old caulk to ensure that your new sink has a polished finish. The old caulk can easily be scraped off with a sharp tool like a knife or even a razor blade. 

Step 2 – Trace/ Measure the Sink

Second, put the sink in to make sure that the measurements taken prior to purchasing the sink are accurate. After you have ensured that you have purchased the perfect match for your granite countertop, it is time to get the caulking silicone in place.

With the caulk outline where your sink will sit. While doing this step, try to lift the stainless steel sink high enough to allow the tip of the caulking gun to fit under the sink. Place about a ¾ inch of caulk silicone on the edges of the corner where the sink meets the granite countertop.

Step 3 – Secure the Sink

Securing the sink may be different based on your granite countertop. Some countertops will require you to secure the sink with nuts and screws. You may find exact instructions for your model inside your owner’s manual.

TIP: make sure to read this prior to starting the caulking process.

Next, slowly put the sink down and add slight pressure to the top of the stainless steel sink where you placed the caulk underneath. Once you place the sink down excess caulk may come out on the borders. Do not be concerned, this can easily be cleaned off on this step with a rag.

Step 4 – Add the Caulk

Follow the last steps by slightly lifting up the stainless steel sink just high enough to where your caulking gun can fit. Trace the remaining parts of your sink to fully seal all the edges of the sink. This process may be sped up by grabbing a glove and putting caulk on your finger. Carefully push the caulk into any remaining gaps that can be seen. Make sure to clean off any excess caulk from the edges to ensure that once it dries it will have a smooth and professional look.

Step 5 – Let It Dry

Now the waiting game begins! Before using your stainless steel sink, you need to wait at least 72 hours to allow for the caulk to fully dry up. Using the sink before it dries can cause movement, gaps, and an unsuccessful finish.

TIP: Plan accordingly prior to replacing your sink. You will not be able to use it what so ever, so treat your family out to dinners or use a different sink if needed meanwhile

Step 6 – Final check

Once the 72 hours are up, go back to your sink and run a thorough check to ensure that the caulk has fully dried and that it was applied properly on all the edges. Even the smallest hole can allow food, water, and unwanted substances to get under your sink.

Final Thoughts On Properly Caulking a Kitchen Sink

Installing the stainless steel kitchen sink with Caulk will ensure that mold does not form under your sink. If you enjoy doing DIY projects, then installing your stainless steel kitchen sink would be something quite easy for you.

Obviously, make sure you have the right measurements before purchasing the sink. We actually did a review on the best stainless steel kitchen sinks, which we go more in depth about getting the right measurements along with purchasing the most reliable kitchen faucet brand for your kitchen theme. The actual installing process can be done in a simple 6 steps. Make sure to keep in mind that you will have to let the caulk dry for 72 hours prior to using the sink.

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