Moen Kitchen Faucet Reviews (Top Rated + New Buying Guide) In 2019

Moen is one of the largest faucets manufactures in the world! Their story began back in 1937 when the inventor Al Moen awfully burned his hands with a kitchen faucet. That incident inspired him to make a difference in the home and avoid others from having this terrible experience.

Al Moen focused his energy in developing advanced technology faucets, but most importantly a company that offered a wonderful experience in the kitchen and great customer service.

Why Are Moen Kitchen Faucets So Awesome?

How good are Moen Kitchen faucets?

Moen would not be considered the best of the continent if they did not offer top of the line technology with their high end kitchen faucets & best quality kitchen sinks. All faucets vary but we would like to introduce you to some of the most popular and loved features that Moen has to offer.

Moen is well known for its Motion Sense (MS) feature. The touchless feature is loved by many moms and busy bees that are constantly on the go and multitasking. The MS feature is available on several faucets and you can decide if you would like to purchase faucets with one or two MS sensors.

The Power Clean feature that motion offers is the second setting on most faucets. It allows a power boost of up to 50% more water pressure. This setting is ideal for getting that extra greasy food off your place and to ensure your kitchen sink is squeaky clean.

Lastly, another quite popular and loved feature is the Spot Resistant Finish of the kitchen faucets. Moen introduced this feature over 10 years ago and it helps to keep any water spots or fingerprints of your kitchen faucets.

Types of Kitchen Faucets Available from Moen

Just by browsing at the Moen website we can see that they offer over 300 different kitchen faucets. When determining what type of faucet you are seeking for first decide on the model type that interest you the most. Moen has quite diverse designs that all range from pull down, pull out, one handle, or two handle faucets.

Apart from the diverse designs, Moen also offers over 5 different finishes that most brands do not. If you are seeking for a particular faucet then Moen is definitely the right company for you!

How Good are the Warranties?

Moen offers a lifetime warranty for most of their kitchen faucets. All of the units that rank in the top four are covered by this warranty. With that being said, if you noticed that anything is not right with your unit you can easily call Moen’s customer service and they will send you the replacement piece at no cost!

Moen cares about customer satisfaction and they excel in their customer service. Apart from providing customers with a replacement piece, they also ensure to attach replacement instructions to ensure that the replacement experience is not a big headache for you.

Best Moen Kitchen Faucets Reviews in 2019

Moen is well known in the industry for creating high-quality, unique, and advanced technology products. As a matter of fact, Moen is considered to be number one faucet brand in the all of North America. Let’s dive in and review their top four designs.

The Moen 7594ESRS is also known as the Moen Arbor Motionsense Pulldown Kitchen Faucet. It is often referred to as one of the best touchless kitchen faucet currently in the market. This faucet is highly recommended for anyone with a large sink.

The Good (and Bad) about the Moen 7594ESRS

  • This faucet has a heavy-duty power spray with limited splash back.
  • Has a touchless feature – including two touch-free sensors.
  • The pull down hose is 68 inches long.
  • This kitchen faucet can easily be installed.
  • This is a pricey, but high-quality kitchen faucet.
  • Temperature is controlled by a separate unit that needs extra storage under the sink.


The Moen 7594ESRS  also offers the pull-down feature. Installation could quickly be completed on your own. Or you could even purchase an installation packet from Amazon to have a professional come and install the faucet for you.

This faucet could be purchased in three different versions – the standard (without a sensor), 1 sensor, or 2 sensor faucet. Each version varies in price.

Why We Like it:

  • Can be installed on your sink through 1 or 3 holes.
  • The powerful spray feature helps intensify the cleaning of your sink and dishes and also has a minimal splash back.
  • Faucet comes with a lifetime warranty and a 5-year warranty for all electronic parts.
  • The full touchless feature helps save you both time and money.

The Moen 7294SRS has a very futuristic design. The short arc kitchen faucet is ideal for anyone who has a smaller kitchen sink but still would appreciate the pull down feature. It has a relatively long hose that self retracts making your life easier any time you wash your dishes or your sink.

The Good (and Bad) about the Moen 7294SRS

  • This design is a compact model and it is an ideal kitchen faucet for smaller sinks.
  • Has a long and flexible pull out hose.
  • Can be purchased in 4 very different tones.
  • The lower arc design can make it uncomfortable to wash dishes.


This faucet is available in four different tones with both a stainless steel finish and the spot resistant technology to ensure the longevity of your kitchen faucet. This faucet is ideal for anyone who wants to have some of the Moen advance technologies but does not want to break the bank in the process of obtaining one.

Why We Like it:

  • This faucet has Moen’s lifetime warranty.
  • It is ADA compliant.
  • It has a spot resistant finish allowing your kitchen faucet to stay shiny and looking new.

The Moen 7294SRS is well known in the market because it is available in a variety of bold colors. This faucet is ideal for anyone who wants a classic yet modern look for their kitchen. The most common color purchased in this model is the matte black finish. Regardless of this faucet having a matte finish, it also has the spot resistant technology to ensure that your faucet will look nice and clean at all times.

The Good (and Bad) about the Moen 7594BL

  • High arc with long retractable hose.
  • Has a spot resistant finish to avoid having finger prints.
  • Can be purchased in 4 different modern tones.
  • Does not have touch free sensors.
  • If damaged the hose cannot be replaced.
  • Some have reported having low water flow after installing this faucet.


Moen covers this kitchen faucet with its amazing lifetime warranty. This faucet has a sleek high arc design that is quite modern and elegant. But the feature that has everyone going nuts is the length of the pull down hose. 68 inches is ideal for filling up any pots, or simply to be able to rinse off every inch of your sink at ease.

Why We Like it:

  • This faucet comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It has a powerful water stream to help clean the dishes much easier.
  • The spot resistant finish allows for the faucet to remain spotless at all times.

The Moen 5923SRS is quite popular because it has a commercial style and it is also very modern. You can even purchase it with or without touchless sensors. Since this is a commercial style design this also means the power of the water flow is a bit stronger than most of the other kitchen faucets.

The Good (and Bad) about the Moen 5923SRS

  • This faucet has a modern spring down design.
  • It is ADA compliant.
  • The installation process is quite simple.
  • The arc of this faucet may be too high for some kitchen designs.
  • This model is considered to be one of the most expensive ones that Moen has.


This kitchen faucet is ADA compliant and can be installed in a breeze. This faucet can be installed in a 1 hole or three hole sink. It is available in three different tones and they have a spot resistant finish to ensure that fingerprints on your kitchen faucet become a thing of the past.

Why We Like it:

  • This model is available for purchase with or without touchless sensors.
  • This faucet has an aerated stream that is powerful for heavy-duty cleaning.
  • Temperature can easily be adjusted with one lever handle.

Moen Kitchen Faucets Reviews - Buying Guide

  1. Moen 7594ESRS: This touchless kitchen faucet is by far one of the best touch-free faucets in the market. You can purchase different versions of it. All that varies are the number of sensors. It has a long hose and it is considered a heavy duty faucet.
  2. Moen 7294SRS: This compact size faucet has a very modern approach and is ideal for any small sinks or even kitchen islands. It has a relatively long hose that is self retracting, but the best catch of this faucet is the price. It is budget friendly and offers a great lifetime warranty.
  3. Moen 7594BL: The Moen 7294SRS is one of the few kitchen faucets that offers both a bold matte finish and the spot resistant technology. This kitchen faucet has a long self retracting hose and it has two different spray settings. One of the settings increases the water pressure by 50%!
  4. Moen 5923SRS: This pull down spring kitchen faucet is one of a kind because it can be purchased with or without the touchless sensor technology. It has a very high and modern arc that can make your kitchen sink stand out immediately.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, Moen offers some of the best kitchen faucets for the money! Above you may find the top 4 performing and most popular Moen Kitchen faucets. Each faucet varies in features and designs, but they all come with the lifetime Moen warranty. These faucets can all easily be installed in a one and three hole sink.

Moen stands out in the market not just because of the high-quality products they release, but mostly because of their advanced technology. For example, Moen offers the best garbage diposals because of the advanced technology they put into there Garbage Disposals. If you weren’t sold yet, the best kitchen sink faucet features are the power boost, spot resistant, and Motion Sense touchless sensors, which will truly make a big difference in your kitchen.