Pfister Kitchen Faucet Reviews In 2019

Pfister is well known in the global market today because they have released over 100 designs. Each design is quite different from one another and they offer a wide variety of collections as well. Pfister also designs faucets that can be installed in sinks with one hole or even up to four holes.

Why Are Pfister Kitchen Faucets So Awesome?

How Good Are Pfister Faucets?

The main reason many go wild over Pfister kitchen faucets is because of their very unique and modern designs that are fashionable, but cost much less than most luxurious brands. Pfister is a well-known company you can easily access their products in local brick and mortar stores like Home Depot or you can order it from the comfort of your own home on Amazon. All of their designs online have reviews that range around 4 and 5 stars.

Types of Kitchen Faucets Available from Pfister

Pfister has released over 100 designs, but they currently focus on manufacturing kitchen faucets that have one or two handles, both pull down and pull out kitchen faucets, bridge kitchen faucets, eco-friendly kitchen faucets, and commercial styles. Most of these kitchen faucets are available in different classy colors which makes it easy to pair to any kitchen theme.

How Good are the Warranties?

This brand was one of the very first to release the lifetime warranties on their units. As a matter of fact, the “Pforever Warranty” covers the kitchen faucet for as long as the purchaser owns the home. Some have reported that in order to file a claim they have had to show proof of the purchase or proof of when they bought the home.

Keep in mind that faucets with high technology features do not fall under the lifetime warranty. Each faucet ranges in coverage from 1- 5 years for technological parts.

Pfister Kitchen Faucets Reviews in 2019

Pfister kitchen faucets have the reputation of offering a fairly easy installation process. Below, you may find the top performing and most popular faucets they have in the market as of 2019. Let’s dive right on in to discuss the pros and cons of their top four faucets.

First up we have a design that is a perfect mix between modern and traditional. This design is great for any size sink as the high arc allows you to fully use every inch of your sink comfortably. Although the aesthetics of this design are not to die for, it is a budget friendly kitchen faucet that will efficiently get the job done.

The Good (and Bad) about the Pfister Series 1

  • Spray head has a rubber tip allowing for better hand grip.
  • Can be installed in one or three hole sinks.
  • Has a high arc spout.
  • Low water flow
  • If not installed properly it leaks
  • Faucet is not made in the USA.


One of the unique features this faucet has is that it can easily be held due to the smaller size and the hand grip. This faucet offers the Pforever Warranty and it has some advanced technology to help reduce the amount of water you are using in your kitchen sink. The main reason this faucet is remarkably successful is because of the competitive price point is it set at.

Why We Like it:

  • Easy installation process.
  • Has special technology to ensure you save water.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Next, up on the list we have a very modern looking kitchen faucet. The tall gooseneck design is available for purchase in two quite traditional colors.

However, the main reason this faucet is loved by many is not because of the aesthetics. In fact, this faucet offers a feature where it can filter cold water for you and your family to drink safely.

The Good (and Bad) about the Pfister GT529

  • Has a setting for filtering water- includes water filter.
  • Can be installed with or without deck plate.
  • Installation is simple and can be installed in 1 or 3 hole sinks.
  • Deck plate not included.
  • Water filter needs to be installed under the sink.
  • Water filter needs to be replaced after 6 months.


This faucet can be installed both with or without the deck plate. Although this faucet also has a filter to be installed under the sink, the installation process is made quite simple for you to be able to complete on your own without having to hire a professional. This kitchen faucet also includes the water supply connections when purchased.

Why We Like it:

  • The water filter feature is a must have that not many other faucets offer.
  • The installation process is truly easy and does not take a long time.
  • One simple handle for cold, hot, and filtered water features.

Third, on the list, we have the elegant Pfister GT529WH1S Wheaton faucet that offers a pull-down feature. This is hands down a luxury design, but you spend much less than the other brands.

This faucet is available in three different colors one being the all-time favorite Stainless steel. Apart from the advanced technology features, this faucet is appreciated by many because it includes a matching soap dispenser.

The Good (and Bad) about the Pfister Wheaton Pull-Down

  • Installation is a breeze!
  • Budget friendly
  • The high arc spout design makes even the smallest of sinks seem bigger.
  • The faucet is quite elegant but the handle of the faucet has been reported by many to offer many problems after short term use.
  • Pause feature is useless.


This kitchen faucet offers an ideal design for a kitchen that is highly used for cooking. The matching soap dispenser will help save you valuable kitchen counter space and make your kitchen look more organized. This faucet meets CA Cal Green criteria which means it will help you cut down the amount of water waste in your kitchen.

Why We Like it:

  • High arc spout is great for washing dishes and even filling pots.
  • Made from high-quality materials.
  • Comes with a matching soap dispenser.

Last but not least, is the Pfister G529PF1S Pfirst Series Pull-Down. Do not be alarmed, that this faucet ranks last in our list. It still made the top 4 out of all the other 100 models that Pfister has to offer. This kitchen faucet is available in three classical silver tones. It can also be purchased with two different gallons per hour features.

The Good (and Bad) about the Pfister G529PF1S Pfirst Series Pull-Down

  • Meets CALGreen criteria meaning it saves you over 20% of water usage.
  • Has 3 different water settings available.
  • Available in three different colors
  • If you use the pull-down feature the nozzle is not self-retracting and will need some adjusting to get back into place.
  • Installation can be time consuming for those who do not have experience installing kitchen faucets.


Although this faucet ranks last, it actually can be purchased at the best price point from all of the best rated kitchen faucets for the money. This model is ideal for any modern kitchen or any kitchen that needs a modern upgrade. This kitchen faucet also comes with three different spray settings which will help you when cleaning extra dirty dishes or rinsing vegetables and fruits.

Why We Like it:

  • The high arc design is great for both big and smaller sinks.
  • This model includes the deck plate.
  • It is an ideal design for a modern kitchen.

Best Pfister Kitchen Faucets Reviews in 2019 Recap

  1. Pfister Pfirst Series 1- Handle Pull-Out: This kitchen faucet is available in four different colors. It is loved by many due to the how budget friendly it is and because of the comfortable high arc spout. This faucet is the perfect mix between a traditional and modern kitchen faucet.
  2. Pfister GT529 - FLS Lita Xtract Pull-Down : The Pfister GT529 - FLS Lita Xtract is a pull-down faucet that comes with an internal water filtering feature with a simple turn of the faucet. The installation process is truly simple and it can be installed in a one or three hole sink. Keep in mind that the water filter must be installed under the sink, but it takes up very little space.
  3. Pfister GT529WH1S Wheaton Pull-Down: This tall and elegant kitchen faucet is available to be purchased in three different colors. Each color includes a matching soap dispenser and deck plate. Lastly, this faucet meets the CA green requirements allowing you to save up to 20% of water consumption in your kitchen.
  4. Pfister G529PF1S Pfirst Series Pull-Down: Last on the list we have the kitchen faucet that offers the best price of all four faucets. If you are seeking a budget friendly faucet without having to sacrifice a good looking and modern faucet this is the faucet for you. This faucet also meets the CA Green requirements and is available in three different finishes.