InSinkErator VS Waste King (Which Is Better) In 2019

When looking to buy a garbage disposal if you run a quick search the first ones to pop up will be InSinkErator and Waste King models. Not only are they the top dogs in the market, but they have a lot of history and success behind their models.

As a matter of fact, InSinkErator invented the very first garbage disposal back in the 1920s. On the other hand, we have the Waste King that has over 50 years of experience. Although you may find cheaper companies out there, you can sleep calmly at night if you own either of these two brands because they are the most trusted brands in the market.

Similarities Between The InSinkErator vs Waste King

Some of the main similarities between the InSinkErator and Waste King is that they truly care about the customer’s satisfaction. They have made compact size models to ensure that customers can easily enjoy their storage space. These garbage disposals also offer serviceable sized grinding chambers and strong motors.

Differences Between The Waste King vs InSinkErator

The main differences between both garbage disposals are the prices they offer. The Waste King offers a removable splash guard while InSinkErator does not. They offer different warranty lengths. Other differences also include the noise levels are quite drastic.

The Waste King includes a power cord. Lastly, the biggest difference between the two is the materials used for the mounting flange.

Which is better? InSinkErator or Waste King

The Waste King has reached higher rating numbers than the InSinkErator, most owners are truly content with owning InSinkerators. Although they do cost a bit more, they have a shorter warranty and they do not include power cords, the InSinkErator offers multi grinding features and a mounting flange that is made from more durable materials.

Waste King VS InSinkErator 2019

ModelInSinkEratorWaste King
Performance and PowerSimilar performance like the competitorSimilar performance like the competitor
Motor SpeedHigh SpeedLow Speed
MotorInduction MotorPermanent Magnetic Motor
NoiseNoise Insulation TechnologyNoise Insulation Technology
Multiple Grinding StagesYesNo
Compact SizeSeveral compact models availableFew Compact Models available
Mounting FlangeMetalCorrosion proof plastic
Power Cord IncludedNoYes
Warranty"We Come To You" – 7 yearsSome models up to 20 years
Removable Splash GuardsNoYes

We have broken down a basic and easy to navigate guide to help you determine the differences and similarities between both brands. 

Below you may find 10 different features. A winner has been picked for each feature based on their past success rates and most importantly previous owner reviews. Without further ado, let’s see what the hype is all about!

Performance and Power

The overall performance of the garbage disposals is determined by the different features and the power of the motor. Let’s compare both brands to see which ranks best.


The InSinkErator motors tend to run around 2000 RMP, but offer multiple grinding features. It runs on an Induction Motor.

Waste King

These motors tend to run at a faster speed (2600 – 2800 RMP) and it has a Permanent Magnetic Motor.

Winner: Both the InSinkErator and Waste King offer different yet similar performance and power modes making it an easy tie.

Multiple Grinding Stages

The multi grinding stages is an advanced technology feature that is not offered by many brands. This feature basically converts your food scraps into small particles that can easily be rinsed out of the garbage disposal with water. This not only lowers the possibility of jamming your unit, but it also makes cleaning it a lot easier.


The Evolution series has this unique technology which lowers the risk of jamming your garbage disposal.

Waste King

Although the Waste King models do not offer multiple grinding stages, they do offer fast motors. Hence, they do not need this additional feature.
Winner: Since the multi grind feature is also correlated to the cleaning process, the InSinkErator is the winner!

Compatible Size and Grinding Space

Under sink storage space is truly sacred to most in the kitchen. Not only is it comfortable to have all your cleaning utensils right under the sink, but most kitchens have very limited room. The grinding chamber is important to the garbage disposal because if made of cheap materials it can corrode over time.


The InSinkErator offers different size models. They offer several compact size designs that do not take away from the size of the grinding chamber and the strength of the motor.

Waste King

Like the InSinkErator, the Waste King also offers compact size models with strong motors and durable and spacious grinding chambers.

Winner: There are no major differences between both models for the size and grinding space giving us a solid tie.

Plastic or Metal Mounting Flange

What is a mounting flange? A mounting flange is basically what holds the garbage disposal in place underneath the sink. Since this is the first piece you install, it is very important that it is made from durable materials.


The InSinkErator garbage disposals have a metal mounting flange to help keep it in place.

Waste King

The Waste King uses anti-corrosion plastic materials for the mounting flange.

Winner: Since InSinkErator uses metal which is most durable making it the winner for the mounting flange feature.

Power Cord

Garbage disposals are energy driven. What most do not know is that most models do not include power cords. Take a close look prior to purchasing your garbage disposal to see if you will need to add in the extra cost for the power cord.


The InSinkErator models do not include a power cord. However, it can be purchased separately for an additional cost.

Waste King

The Waste King models include a power cord.

Winner: The Waste King garbage disposals include power cords making it the winner for this feature.

Noise Level

Dealing with the noise level of a garbage disposal truly comes to personal preference. Some households truly need quiet garbage disposals if they have smaller children. However, if having a little bit of noise whenever the garbage disposal in use is not a big concern then this is a feature than can be overlooked by many.


The Badger series is one of the louder versions that InSinkErator has. On the other hand, the Evolution series offers top-notch sound insulation technology.

Waste King

This is without a doubt the biggest flaw that Waste King has. Most owners often have complained that the biggest problem they have had is the noise level whenever the garbage disposal is in use.

Winner: InSinkErator is the winner for the noise level as they offer advanced sound technology.

Warranty Comparison

Warranties are a top thing buyers look into before buying a garbage disposal. Some models truly have a small price difference, but the pricier model can get you a longer warranty. This is why we always recommend looking closely at the features sometimes $10 – $20 can truly get you more bang for your buck.


The garbage disposals come with a “We Come to You” warranty. This warranty can last up to 7 years. Although it is not the longest warranty, they do offer a We come to you service which can truly save you lots of time and money in the long run.

Waste King

On the other hand, Waste King has some models that can have up to 20 years of warranty. This is hands down one of the best warranties in the market because of how long it is available for.

Winner: Waste King takes the win due to the fact that they offer such a lengthy warranty for some of their garbage disposals.

Splash Guard

Each garbage disposal has different types of splash guards. These guards are important to protect the food from flying out of the garbage disposal when it is in the grinding process.


The splash guard for the InSinkErators are not removeable.

Waste King

You can easily remove the splash guard allowing you to easily clean the inside of the garbage disposal.

Winner: Waste King takes the win for this feature as their splash guard is removable.

Motor Comparison

Most people only look at the price before purchasing a garbage disposal. But what you should be really looking at is the motor! The motor of the garbage disposal is like the brain of the machine. They run at different speeds, the higher the speed the least likely it is that your garbage disposal will get jammed.


They offer the Dura-Drive motor, which is a motor designed by them specifically for the garbage disposals.

Waste King

While Waste King offers a PMM (permanent magnetic motor) motor spinning at very fast speeds. In doing so it reduces the possibility of getting jammed.

Winner: Both the Induction and PMM motors have advantages and disadvantages. With that being said, it is safe to admit that both products offer a good motor giving us a tie.

Price Comparison

Most people only look at the price before purchasing a garbage disposal. But what you should be really looking at is the motor! The motor of the garbage disposal is like the brain of the machine. They run at different speeds, the higher the speed the least likely it is that your garbage disposal will get jammed. Read more about the best garbage disposal to buy in order not to purchase the wrong disposal.


InSinkErator offers two different lines, the Badger and Evolution models. The Badger series can cost between $90 – $150. While the Evolution series can cost around $250.

Waste King

If you are looking to get a Waste King Garbage disposal you can expect to do so spending less than $150.

Winner: Waste King offers more models that are more economic making it the winner in the price department.

Final Recount:

InSinkErator: 6 / 10

Waste King: 7 / 10